Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JapaNoodle Fever!

Yeah, that old music (see last post) is great an' all, but here's something else fun which is anything but old-time.  I'm planning to be at Local 506 in Chapel Hill tomorrow night.

Should be great.  Sound samples HERE!

Click on the poster for a closer look.  If I get any good pics I'll post some.  

In The Pines is here!

Hello people, 'round here you'll find reports & thoughts about music that I like.   I hope it'll lead you to discover something you like as well.   I like a whole lotta different kinds of music.  I guess eventually my tastes will become apparent.  

For now, I'm gonna start at "the beginning," with something from the earliest years of recorded music.  Many other forms of music we love today arose from these "roots" music forms.  

Behold, above, the CD I just ordered. It's new (available as of today!) from Old Hat Records, Raleigh, NC, featuring music from the likes of "Dock" Walsh, The Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers, and the Proximity String Quartet.  Most the tunes on here have never been on CD before.  If you're a music fan, especially if you live in NC like me, this is one to check out for sure.  Learn more HERE.   I own most of the Old Hat catalog & I can vouch for the quality!  I've been waiting on this one for months.