Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rock your face off

Best ass-shakin', rock your face off song I've heard this year:

C L I C K H E R E, B U C K L E S E A T B E L T

This one is sure to become a permanent part of my listening life. The band is Monotonix, a trio from Tel Aviv. The rest of the album holds a lot of promise too, but this it the one that kills me. If my 224,000-mile 1990 Toyota still had a *functioning* tape deck, I'd be playing loud in the car for the next few months, I'm sure.

Download link above is all kosher (and I woulda said that even if they weren't from Tel Aviv)... they made the track available to the blogosphere.

Sadly I missed their pass through NC a couple weeks back. At left is their tour date poster from up the road in Richmond.

More on the band and the album right here: