Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Calico Haunts, Dirty Little Heaters, Caltrop

I just bought three great local records. In order from least to most heaviness they are:

Calico Haunts: "After All." It was released last summer. I have tried to buy it at many local record stores but it's never in stock. Finally bought it at an (ahem) large online retailer b/c the smaller online retailer *also* didn't have it in stock. Stream the entire album for free (and read a good review) HERE. Really a pleasant listen. I've listened many times.

Dirty Little Heaters: "Champions of Imperfection." Just out on new-ish Durham label Churchkey Records. Black Sabbath fronted by
Janis Joplin, if you want a 70s reference point... I love love love this. Stream this whole album free HERE.

Caltrop: "World Class." I am woefully late in picking up this '08 release. Heeeeaaaaavy. Can't find the whole album to stream but you can get the idea at their myspace page. One of these guys, I'm pretty sure, was in my chemistry class back long time ago when I taught high school. Dude, if you happen to read this: Great job in chemistry but the album is even better. I look forward to the next.