Sunday, July 19, 2009

Valcour Records

Every once in awhile I'd like to call people's attention to record labels that do great work and deserve our support. (Earlier I spotlighted Smithsonian Folkways.) This time I want to point out a small Louisiana label run by a new generation of Louisiana musicians: Valcour Records. They only have a handful of releases in their young history, but it's quality stuff!

In these days of big box stores, spoonfed radio fare, and other corporate homogenization, it's always nice to see some folks working to keep regional art forms alive! Check out Valcour if you like Cajun & Zydeco & other Louisiana music. Here's a great song to download or hear online to whet your appetite. It's from two great rising stars, Cedric Watson on fiddle and Corey Ledet on accordion. Links for 2 songs from their new release (a band called Bonsoir Catin) here and here. Poke around on their site and you'll find plenty more!

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