Monday, November 22, 2010

Big Carnivorous Feast for 11/17/2010

Howdy peeps, a collage-y representation of last week's programme du radio above. Please note the centerpiece. The Vegetable Orchestra is an amazing ensemble. Jus' 'bout every sound you hear on the album was made by an instrument made of a vegetable. You'd think that'd be sorta boring. Y'know, like a cold li'l pile of over-cooked green beans. BUT NO! It is alive and vibrant like a killer Thai stir fry of varied and colorful vegetables!

But this is a CARNIVOROUS feast, you say. Well, look: Gimme a break here. I do like vegetables y'know. Plenty o' good meat around too these two hours. Mingus, Prine, Wild Magnolia Indians, Whiskey C'est Mon Ami, rarities from the vaults of Del-Fi, Last Year's Men, no old guy lo-fi cry, and the Salty Papa Blues!

Playlist and comments right here.


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