Sunday, July 10, 2011

Go East, Young Men (part 10)

July 10, 1981 - Our 2nd to last day of riding. Neither of us remembers too much about this leg o' the journey. Again, I think we were a little fried from doing pretty high mileage.

I remember the day was really hot, and it was very humid too, especially in the valley of the Minnesota River after lunch.

Dave refilling water bottle near Vesta, Minnesota.

We were heading east on Highway 19. Little did I realize that I'd spend a lot of time running and cycling on this road as a college student soon after...

We only had three flat tires the whole trip. Here's Dave fixing one.

Refueled our bodies at this store in Redwood Falls, Minnesota.

Lunch break at a park in Redwood Falls. Of course we had to climb the tank.

No photos at all the rest of that day. Musta been a grind of an afternoon in the heat. I don't even know where we camped out that night. I believe we wanted to get well over half the remaining distance to our final destination, the Minneapolis area--so I think we stayed in Gaylord or Green Isle. This is pretty boring reading here, isn't it? Oh well, least there's a few pics to look at....

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