Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New England bike trip October 13, 1985

Rain rain rain. It kept me in my tent til noon. It stopped for a bit and allowed me to cook up a little hot food, but looked like it could start again any time. I was not feeling to motivated to ride a mountain road under the circumstances, 'specially not late in the day and 'specially having to camp again that night! I stood around indecisive and frustrated. Tried hitchin' again. Nooooo luck this time. Instead I rode back downhill to Conway in hopes of a dry place to sleep. Amazingly I found out about a place 4 miles away with dorm-style accommodations. It was called the Palmer House Inn, and it cost $13 for a night. Deal! They had space, luckily, else I had spied a picnic shelter in a park that I woulda crashed under…

The bunk room also offered a chance to hang up damp stuff to dry. I met a woman from Texas named Marija who was doing the exact same thing. She had been backpacking and also had come running to this dry place! She was headed over the Kanc by car the next day and was happy to carry me and my bike along. I was trying to keep on a bit of a timetable and was a day behind now, so I was happy about this.

No photos taken this soggy day!

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