Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go East, Young Men (part 7)

We were approaching the Missouri River valley, up in the northeast corner of Nebraska. It had been one fine experience crossing Nebraska. I would do it again.

30 miles into the day found us at the valley overlook where Intrepid Explorer Captain Dave surveyed the coming territory:

[As always, click a pic to get a larger version of it]

The Missouri River is pretty ginormous at this point (bigger still recently with all the flooding they had up there). Dave remembers being struck by the size of the valley--neither of us had ever seen anything like that.

We crossed the Missouri on a huge double-decker bridge at Yankton, South Dakota. Northbound traffic (that's us) went up a ramp to the upper level. Beautiful up there!

Mark at South Dakota line

Dave's turn!

Missouri River, Yankton, South Dakota. July 7, 1981.

A view up the bridge's upper deck.

I have flown over Yankton in the years since. Easy to spot with the huge river and bridge. Good memories along with the view.

After Yankton we picked our way mostly east over smaller roads. It was flatter now. I don't remember much except a lunch in which between us we ate a whole loaf of bread in the form of PBJ sandwiches, washed down with a half gallon of milk. 18 year old boys can pack in some food, dontcha know. 'Specially if it is also their fuel!

Mark contemplates a grain elevator.
Volin, South Dakota, July 7, 1981.

We ended the day somewhere in Beresford, South Dakota. That's just south o' Sioux Falls for those keeping track at home. Got us a cheap motel. Maybe we were still looking for a proper shower after the sprinkler incident??

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