Friday, July 8, 2011

Go East, Young Men (part 8)

July 8th, 1981 was a three state day! We were in the far southeast corner of South Dakota at sun-up:

...then crossed into the northwest corner of Iowa (Dave above in requisite border picture)...

...and by afternoon had purchased celebratory PBRs and crossed into southwest Minnesota!

Ten miles north o' the border along US 75, we loaded up on food at Luverne, Minnesota. From there a short jaunt further north to the Blue Mounds State Park. Along the way we amused ourselves with a giant turkey.

(BHS runners of the '79-'81 era will note that I am pointing at the BEAK)
(Rest of y'all, don't ask... looong dull story amusing only to us)

Blue Mounds State Park, Minnesota. July 8, 1981

Dave attempts to relax in the hammock, but is hounded constantly by the swarming Minnesota State Bird.

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